Prism Clinical Imaging offers software and services that integrate advanced imaging into the clinical workflow. Prism products acquire, process and present multimodality, multiparameter images in decks for viewing and interpretation.

Prism provides products and services designed and optimized for the physician and the clinical workflow. Prism manages the acquisition, post-processing and clinical viewing of advanced imaging studies. Interpreted image studies can then be exported to surgical or radiation planning and delivery systems or to PACS for permanent medical record retention.

Designed by physicians for physicians, Prism software and services offer breakthrough visualization and integrated clinical workflow.

Our Services include

  • Installing the Prism Acquire® workstation for routine acquisition of functional and physiological imaging data
  • Training on-site MRI technologists to acquire functional imaging data using the Prism Acquire® application
  • Processing data via Prism Serve® with review by a team of experts on a fee-per-study basis
  • Generating a report to be sent to the referring physician for editing, annotation and interpretation using Prism View®
  • Imaging reports with same-day access

Prism Acquire® Prism Process® Prism View®
Prism Flow®
Radiation Oncology
Treatment Systems
Oncology Monitoring & Follow-Up
Imaging Modality
Local PACS
Application Server

Prism Acquire®

An advanced medical software tool, Prism Acquire® assists technologists in the acquisition of functional and physiological images. Used in conjunction with conventional MRI systems and commercially available stimulus hardware, Prism Acquire® is the first component of Prism Clinical Imaging's turnkey applications and services that facilitate data acquisition.

Prism Process®

Prism Process® is the heart of the advanced medical imaging software system that registers anatomical, functional and physiological images gathered using Prism Acquire® and other modalities. Prism Process® uses patented algorithms to perform quality assurance checks and process advanced multimodality studies for display in Prism View®.

Prism View®

Prism View® introduces multiparameter viewing to general clinical practice. It provides the tools necessary for the clinician to easily view multiple image volumes acquired from multiple sources. Prism View® displays anatomical sequences, BOLD fMRI, DTI and MR spectroscopy in registered decks. This allows physicians to see anatomical, functional and physiological images in a single view.

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