Prism Clinical Imaging provides fast, low-cost access to expert post-processing services. Prism Serve® provides the data preparation services of Prism Process®, but on a fee-per-study basis. Secure data transfer, user authorization, and audit logging all contribute to maintaining the integrity of your health information.

Prism Serve is hosted through Amazon Web Services, the world’s largest cloud services provider, ensuring unprecedented performance and reliability. Encrypted storage and secure transmission guarantee protection of patient information.

Post-processed results are integrated into a report and reviewed by a team of experts at Prism Clinical Imaging. The completed report is returned to the referring physician within twenty-four hours for interpretation using Prism View®.

Prism Serve is available through the in-house Prism application suite, integrating seamlessly with the on-site workflow of Prism Acquire® and Prism View. Through Siemens Healthineers Digital Ecosystem, Prism Serve processing is available as a teamplay application. Prism Serve also supports customer-private, cloud-based workflow including availability of Prism View on a wide range of devices via Amazon Workspace.

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