Prism™ unlocks the clinical power of advanced imaging while simultaneously enhancing market share and treatment revenue. Prism makes fMRI and advanced imaging clinically accessible, providing tools that increase clinical productivity, optimize clinical workflow and improve patient quality of life.

Treatment Value

Prism Clinical Imaging's products and services offer the opportunity to improve clinical performance and increase productivity in treatment planning and delivery. Advanced image studies registered in decks help physicians quickly and precisely interpret a patient's condition and develop a treatment plan. Treatment plans based on these studies are more accurate and complete, which is safer for the patient.

Improved Quality of Life

Prism software and services allow physicians to make more informed decisions on behalf of the patient. Multiple volumes of anatomical, functional and physiological images are utilized to dramatically reduce permanent deficits that result from treatment.

Provider Value

Clinical value drives provider value. Patients seek out providers who offer safer, more effective treatment. Better treatment builds market share. Provider value is derived from attracting patients seeking the highest standard of care.

Physician-Driven Value

Prism product development is driven by physicians for physicians. That is the Prism difference. Prism's intuitive interface and unique mapping features were designed in clinical practice. Prism studies integrate into the clinical workflow for export to the operating room, image-guided treatment planning systems or PACS record storage.

Clinically Accessible

Prism Clinical Imaging has developed a suite of products and services that make fMRI, DTI and advanced physiological studies available in general clinical practice. Imaging studies that have previously only been used in research can now be confidently applied clinically, thus improving treatment planning and delivery while minimizing risks to the patient.

Data Organization and Presentation

Prism organizes imaging data into decks so the clinician can see multiple volumes in a single view. With Prism, data preparation that used to take hours now takes only minutes, increasing clinical productivity.

Cost-effective Solution

Prism software offers comprehensive support for fMRI acquisition, multimodality post-processing and clinical viewing. Prism also provides Prism Serve post-processing services on a fee-per-study basis. Providers choosing this option acquire images and send them to Prism Clinical Imaging for post-processing. Prism returns a technical report that includes structured image volumes ready for clinical interpretation.

Leverages Your Existing Investment

Prism software allows you to leverage existing investments in fMRI, DTI and physiological scanning sequences. While compatible with 1.5T scanners, Prism helps justify a 3T scanner upgrade.


Prism software meets all legal and regulatory requirements for clinical use in the United States.

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