Prism View® provides a powerful, intuitive physician interface for the interpretation of multimodality, multiparameter imaging studies. Prism View® presents structured, active volumes in a single view. It displays anatomical sequences, BOLD fMRI, DTI, perfusion and MRS in registered decks, allowing clinicians to establish important spatial relationships across multiple parameters.

Prism View® Features

  • Customized technical report for each case
  • Flexible reporting formatted to physician preferences
  • Imbedded image browser
  • Concise display of advanced imaging studies intuitively organized into decks with a study summary
  • Ability to export image sets to neuronavigation, treatment systems and PACS
  • The viewing tool combines aspects of a PACS workstation in integrated image browser.

Prism View® Tools

  • Tiled images view multiple slices simultaneously
  • Adjustable decks contain registered volumes of anatomical, functional and physiological images
  • Ability to threshold and fade active volumes
  • Tri-planer 3D
  • Mark-up tools for ROI
  • Color palette options or outlines to clarify areas of activation or interest

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